Sunday, June 28, 2009

upcycle lean cuisine

Hannah's current lunch box is highly unsatisfactory. It's plastic and already the top bit is broken. She can't take it in and out of her school bag by herself as it has no handles and is too wide. I was going to buy a Tupperware lunch set for her, but then, strolling along past an op-shop - as you do - I spied this Lean Cuisine insulated lunch bag. It was just perfect for her. Except that it has mould spots - which didn't come out in the wash - and it says 'Lean Cuisine' on the front. So, I decided to upcycle it! Using this lovely fabric by Michael Miller called Candy Dots, a bit of sewing, a pair of pinking shears and a hot glue gun, the luchbox now looks fantastic, is water-resistant and totally functional! As long as she doesn't lose it, I think we can get at least three years of wear out of it. And all for a grand total of $5. Whoo-hoo!


Hannah turned six last Wednesday and to mark the event, I decided to throw her a proper party - one where she was allowed to invite her friends. We played loads of games and had heaps of fun. I did very nearly break my back decorating the deck, but it was all worth it. The day was fine and sunny with a good breeze. The kids played the games - gamely - and were awarded with (lolly) prizes in paper dumplings.

first sewing project in the new house

I sewed this little bag for one of Emma's little friends from playgroup. She turned two a couple of weeks ago and I thought a pink girly bag might delight her.