Sunday, November 30, 2008

prep graduation

Today Hannah graduated from prep - where has the year gone?! I know she's no longer such a little kid because I have seen her confidence grow day by day. They gave out graduation certificates to commemorate the event. I was either to slow or Hannah was too quick for me - I only managed to catch a glimpse of her running off with the certificate - could this be a premonition for the future?

sabrena and the singaporeans

My friend Sabrena saw the pictures of the things I made on facebook and she showed it to her friends. She's on her way to Melbourne to visit some family, so she and her friends put in an order so I can post it over to Melbourne to save on international postage.
It was an interesting experience to sew on demand. The order wasn't overly large, but it still saw me stressed out. But I finally got the order ready and sent out last Saturday. She should receive it by late this week - I hope!